Please note the following. These guidelines allow us to continue offering great facilities and resources to our church and community. Disregard for these policies may result in possible future requests being denied.



The following general rules apply to all groups using the facilities:


  • Applications - forms for use of the facilities must be filled out with the on-line form. The Church Staff Team will review each application and facilitate the appropriate internal approval process. Included in this will be a determination of applicable use fees. No use request is considered officially scheduled until the applicant is notified by the Support Ministries Team and the deposit, when applicable, has been received.                          
  • General Building Use Hours - Evening events must conclude Sunday – Friday by 10:00 PM.  Everyone must vacate the building by 10:30 PM for security purposes (unless otherwise approved). Events on Saturday must conclude by 7:00 PM, with building vacated by 8:00 PM. 
  • Equipment and Furnishings Equipment and Furnishings of the facility will not be removed or re-arranged, except as approved in advance, by the Church Staff Team. Equipment or furniture will not be removed from the facility unless approved by the Staff Team. 
  • Musical Instruments, Audio Visual and Sound Equipment - Use of musical equipment, light, projection, or sound systems is not permitted unless approved in advance by the Church Staff Team. 
  • Clean-Up - Groups are expected to do basic “clean-up” after themselves and leave the space as they found it.  Turn off lights as appropriate. All doors must be closed and secured. Areas, including parking areas, must be restored to original format/condition. 
  • Decorations - no tacks, nails, tape or other material that will deface church property shall be used. Only dripless candles may be used. Decorations such as streamers shall not be attached to walls, floors, or ceiling in a manner that will leave permanent marks. 
  • Removal of Decorations – please plan to remove all of these items. Decorations and any items you bring shall be removed immediately following the meeting or event so that facilities are ready for next scheduled activity. 
  • Alcohol and Smoking - Alcohol is not permitted inside or outside the facility or surrounding premises. No smoking is permitted inside the facilities. 
  • Food and beverages - Food and beverages are allowed only as approved. Cooking or food preparation are not allowed unless prior approval has been granted by the church staff team. Groups renting the kitchen may serve food that has been brought in by a caterer. All outside groups must provide their own supplies and equipment such as dishware, linens, etc. unless arrangements are made otherwise.  All remaining food should be taken away at the completion of your event. The Student Center is a "Peanut Free Building." Food containing peanuts are not allowed in the Student Center Building. 
  • Set-Up - Requests for set-up of tables and chairs must be stated completely on the Resource Use Form and reviewed with the Church Staff Team. Requested use times should include set-up and tear-down time if needed for the event.  All groups must have a primary contact (“responsible party”) for communication and coordination with the Church Staff Team. 
  • Technical - To insure technical compatibility, (all tech, lights, media support, requests for visual and projection) should be made at the time of the resource use request. The building's equipment is not formatted to support all software types.
  • Child Supervision - When minors will be present in the church facility, the group must provide the Church Staff Team with a written plan on how they will be supervised. Depending on the circumstances, the group may be asked to supply additional information, such as permission letters from parents/guardians, medical and insurance information, etc. Under no circumstances will minors or a single minor be supervised by less than two adults.
  • Safety - Safety and health of participants are the responsibility of the event sponsor.  Depending on the nature of the use request, additional documentation such as proof of insurance may be required prior to approving a requested use. Facility users must comply with all applicable public ordinances and state and federal laws and regulations.                                        
  • Group Representative - Each group or organization must designate a representative who will consult with the Church Staff Team in advance of the event and be responsible for your event. This would include accounting for any damage to the facility. Any damage should be reported to the Church Staff Team immediately following your event by email ( and phone.
  • Publicity - Sponsorship of an event must be clearly specified in all publicity.  Events may not appear to have Ankeny Free Church as a sponsoring organization, unless specific approval is granted by the Church Staff Team. User may be required to provide an advance copy of advertising before it is published. 
  • No group or organization shall be permitted to charge admission - or conduct fund-raising activities of a commercial nature without express permission at the time of the request. 
  • Internal Revenue Service guidelines preclude - non-profit organizations from endorsing or opposing political candidates and activities.  Use requests for political purposes are not allowed. The facility use requests resulting in personal financial gain or corporate profit will not be granted.  IRS guidelines for non-profit organizations will be followed in consideration of all requests.
  • Ankeny Free Church reserves the right to schedule concurrent use - in different parts of the facility to fulfill multiple requests.  Scheduling will consider the compatibility of requests to reduce the potential of distraction to all users. 
  • Right of Approval - Ankeny Free Church’s facilities are provided by God through the sacrificial generosity of church members. The church facilities are made available to approved non-members as a witness to our faith, in the spirit of Christian charity, and as a means of demonstrating the Gospel of Jesus Christ in practice. Facility use will not be permitted to persons or groups holding, advancing, or advocating beliefs or practices that conflict with the church’s faith and teaching, as stated in church policy, procedure, and by-laws. The church reserves the right to refuse any request for any reason to preserve the purpose and mission of the church and its members. 
  • Change to these Policies - may be initiated by Ankeny Free Church at any time without notice.